About us

ILI is and has many times been pioneer of innovation in learning for a great variety of target groups. Here are some of the milestones.


ILI moved again in November 2013 (for the fourth time). This time from Erlangen, the core of  FAU, to the dynamic University site of Fürth. There, ILI has met optimum conditions:
Premises that offer work space for all staff, function roooms with a design taylor-made to ILI's requirements, and beautifully situated on Grundig's former company grounds (Uferstadt)
All in all, this has been a very positive development for ILI, which is also met with great approval on the part of our international guests.



Start of FAU MeinStudium, a project of ILI and FAU for the virtual opening of the whole university for students and pupils: an interactive portal for personal orientation that gives pupils an insight into all subjects and degree programmes of FAU.

meinstudium zweizeilig klein


Foundation of a Central Institute for Research in Teaching and Learning, Innovation and Transfer (ZELLIT) at FAU which represents research and development across the whole span of lifelong learning from basic research to applied research and innovation to knowledge transfer into FAU and outside of the university. The associated institutions are FBZHL, ILI, ZILL.



ILI coordinates and implements the central e-learning platform and infrastructure of the Friedrich-Alexander University (StudOn). Within 3 years, 35,000 students and guests and 2,500 teachers are logging into the system up to 25,000 times a day.


As part of the structural changes at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, FIM NewLearning was renamed ILI(FIM): Innovation in Learning Institute (FIM NewLearning), and became one of the large research-oriented institutes within the new Faculty of Philosophy (“School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Theology”).


First University institute in Germany quality-certified for teaching and research under the national LQW scheme.


First national virtual training network for teachers in the project eL3


In the scope of the National project eLearning and eTeaching in the initial and continuous teacher education (eL3) FIM adheres to the ILIAS - OpenSource developers community.


Coordination of planning and implementation of the Bavarian Virtual University vhb.


First Senior Citizens Network in Germany for Knowledge Society skills and e-/social inclusion: SeniorenNetz Erlangen, later Bavarian Network of Senior Citizens Networks BSNF.


First nationwide digital multimedia learning network in Germany: RecomP for women/parents returning to employment after the family period (using an ISDN network).


FEN, the first FreeNet for all citizens in the Nuremberg region goes online - first in central Europe.

Ab 1989

Set-up of Internet dial-in for citizens using University Networks.


First EU research project grant (DELTA preparatory action; first German institution in EU educational programs).

From 1976

Development of the first comprehensive media-based set of learning materials for basic studies in Psychology worldwide (the German abbreviation 'FIM' stands for distance teaching using media).