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Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Technikum 2
Dr.-Mack-Straße 77
D - 90762 Fürth

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Travelling to ILI

The Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI) is located in the city of Fürth in the northwest of Bavaria in Germany.
ILI is a research institute at the faculty of Philosophy of the University Erlangen-Nürnberg, a full-scale University with approx. 39.000 students. The institute develops innovative learning systems including pedagogy, content, support and technology, starting from user needs analysis, pedagogical and technical implementation up to evaluation and valorisation, in a spirit of self-determined lifelong learning.

ILI – Where are we?

Map 1: Where is Fürth?

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Getting to Fürth by plane

The most suitable way to get to Fürth is flying to the Nuremberg International airport (

Airlines - amongst others - flying to Nuremberg:
AirBerlin (
Lufthansa (
AirFrance (
Swiss (

How to get to Fürth by airplane?

  • Fürth – Frankfurt (Code: FRA): approx. 225 km
  • Fürth – Stuttgart (Code STR): approx. 215 km
  • Fürth – München/Munich (Code: MUC): approx. 180 km
  • Fürth – Nürnberg/Nuremberg (Code: NUE): approx. 7 km

If you cannot fly to Nuremberg, here are some possible alternatives:

  • Frankfurt airport has a train station with high-speed trains going to Nuremberg nearly every hour (the journey takes about 2:20 hours to Nuremberg and another 8 minutes to Fürth);
  • Munich airport is far from the city centre - if you want to take the train, it takes about 40 minutes to the main train station, then 1:00 hour to Nuremberg and another 8 minutes to Fürth. Alternatively you can take a rental car. The trip to Fürth (180 km) takes about 2:00 hours
  • If you arrive in Stuttgart, you should hire a car and take the highways (the train connection is too complicated to be explained).

From Nuremberg Airport to Fürth

We recommend two possibilities to get from the airport in Nuremberg to Fürth:
-    taxi (about 10 to 15 minutes and 15 to 20 Euros)
-    take the metro U2 from Nuremberg Airport to ‘Plärrer’ and change to U1 until ‘Fürth Hauptbahnhof’ (central station; if you stay in a hotel nearby) or if you come directly to ILI get off at ‘Stadtgrenze’; there is also the possibility to get off at Nürnberg Central Station (‘Hauptbahnhof’) where you can find an office of the ‘Deutsche Bahn’ (national railway company), the tourist information and lots of different shops and cafés; you can also change to U1 here but you have to change floors within the station; PLEASE NOTICE: if you purchase a metro ticket at the ticket vending machine please choose ‘Preisstufe A’ (2,50 Euros) as this includes the cities Nürnberg-Fürth-Stein.

Getting to Fürth by train

There are no non-stop IC and ICE connections to Fürth from all directions. For trains see „From Nuremberg Airport to Fürth“.
If you get off at ‘Stadtgrenze’ just cross ‘Nürnberger Strasse’, turn left and walk till ‘Kurgartenstrasse’. Here you turn right and walk till ‘Dr.-Mack-Strasse’ which you can find on the left side. Please follow the street along the curve, pass the building ‘porticum’ and at the end of that building you turn right onto the driveway to the building ‘Technikum 2’ in which ILI is located.

Getting to Fürth by bus

There are several bus companies which connect many German cities and airports with the Nuremberg/Fürth area. Most of them start in Nuremberg, you could go there by metro/train (see ‘Getting to Fürth by train’ or ‘From Nuremberg Airport to Fürth).
For itineraries and online tickets see below:
FLiXbus ( (
Busandfly (
Postbus (
Berlin Linien Bus (

If you like it more comfortable there is also a shuttle service which connects Nuremberg/Fürth/Erlangen with Munich airport: Adena-mobil

Getting to Fürth by car

A73 from Bamberg or Nuremberg:
Exit: Nürnberg-Doos from both directions; please follow the sign ‘Fürth Uferstadt, Fraunhofer Institut, ZMP’
A3 from München/Regensburg:
Exit: at ‘Kreuz-Altdorf’ (motorway interjunction Altdorf) follow München/Nürnberg-Süd/A9/N-Fähre, at ‚Kreuz-Nürnberg-Süd‘ follow B8/Nürnberg onto A73, at ‚Kreuz-Nürnberg-Hafen‘ follow A3/A73/N.-Centrum/Würzburg/Bamberg, follow N4 until Exit ‚Fürther Str./B8‘, turn left at ‚Kurgartenstrasse‘, at the 2nd crossroad turn left onto Dr.-Mack-Strasse.
There is a big parking lot in the next driveway after the building ‘Technikum 2’. Before you drive there please come to see us in our offices (there is also the possibility to park in front of the building for a short term) and get a parking authorization for the gate at the big parking lot.

Hotels in Fürth

Quality Hotel Bavaria (about 1 minute by car, about 10 minutes walk)
Nürnberger Str. 54
90762 Fürth
Price: from 59 Euros

Hotel am Forum
Foerstermühle 2
90762 Fürth

NH Fürth-Nürnberg (about 18 minutes walk, 3 minutes by car) (3 minutes walk from the central station)
Königstr. 140
90762 Fürth
Prices: from 59 Euros
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fürther Hotel Mercure Nürnberg West (about 6 minutes by car, 27 minutes walk) (2 km to the central station)
Laubenweg 6
90765 Fürth
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Price per Person: 82 Euros

NH Hotel Forsthaus Fürth Nürnberg (about 13 minutes by car)
Zum Vogelsang 20
90768 Fürth
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Price per Person: 69 Euros

Where is ILI exactly?

Institut für Lern-Innovation
Dr.-Mack-Str. 77
90762 Fürth

Tel: 0049-9131-85-61100
Fax: 0049-9131-85-61138