NEMESIS - New Educational Model Enabling Social Innovation Skills development

Project manager:
Dr. Aristidis Protopsaltis

Project participants:
Dr. Roland Klein
Fred Neuman
Gerd Schmidt
Angela Köchel
Katrin Christl

Duration: 1.10.2017 - 31.01.2021

Sponsored by:
TOPIC: Education and skills: empowering Europe’s young innovators,
CO-CREATION-01-2017, Action: IA Innovation action

Participating institutions:
P1 Coordinator. Friedrich-Alexander Universitaet Erlangen Nuernbertg (FAU), Innovation in Learning Institute (ILI) (Germany)
P2. STIMMULI for Social Change (Greece)
P3. Social Entreprise International Ltd (SEI) (UK)
P5. European School Heads Association (NL)
P6. Asociacion Cultural COMENZEMOS EMPEZEMOS (ASOCCE) (Spain)
P7. Boroume  Saving Food Saving Lives (BOROUME) (Greece)
P8. U2D LONDON LIMITED (Generation Generous) (GG) (UK)
P9. HealthApp S.L. (HealthApp) (Spain)
P10. Les Têtes de l’Art (TDA) (France)
P11. Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Central Macedonia (KMAKEDPDE) (Greece)
P12. Herringthorpe Junior School/Willow tree academy (HJS) (UK)
P13. Agrupamento de Escolas da Maia (AEMaia) (Portugal)


Dr. Aristidis Protopsaltis
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NEMESIS - New Educational Model Enabling Social Innovation Skills development

NEMESIS stands for Novel Educational Model Enabling Social Innovation Skills development. The project’s vision is to serve as catalyst for innovative, engaging and interdisciplinary learning. NEMESIS presents a new approach towards the attainment of Social Innovation (SI) skills by combining innovative learning models, open technologies and participatory relations and processes. NEMESIS designs, develops and tests an educational model for equipping students of primary and secondary education with Social Innovation Skills, values and tools. This process will enable students to become creative social thinkers, develop entrepreneurial mind-sets, and become social change makers into a world where inequality, poverty and social exclusion are still quite evident. The NEMESIS model builds on a combination of innovative pedagogies and learning models, open technologies and participatory relations and processes. It also creates bridges between the learning communities and real world social innovation experiences by creating a European wide community of social innovation practitioners eager to interact with students, facilitating interdisciplinary and intergenerational learning. To foster its potential to scale and be adopted by educational institutions around Europe, the project develops a Social Innovation Open Learning Platform to gran access to the specific educational model and resources to all with emphasis on those from disadvantaged environments. This platform also facilitates the creation of a Community of Practice (CoP) of teachers, school leaders and relevant stakeholders willing to break silos, engage in dialogue, drive organizational change and experience the value of the NEMESIS educational model. NEMESIS will be piloted in 4 European countries, Greece, Spain, UK, and Portugal engaging stakeholders into co-creation of educational resources, collective learning through the development of projects and digital storytelling as well as into online learning and knowledge sharing communities of peers. In that way, the project builds a contemporary educational model that will act as a catalyst in innovative skills based education in Europe that is expected to improve current teaching and learning practices and drive students’ passion for sustainable social change.